8 ways to wear black

An ode to black – even though black might seem ‘just’ black, this non-color offers plenty of room for a personal touch. (Re)discover dark with our 8 ways to wear black.

1. All black

All black dull? No way! A head-to-toe black outfit fits all styles; go for laidback-cool, or for sexy and feminine. Try playing with contrasts between smooth and soft to add depth to your all black outfit.

2. Nuanced tonal

Want to prevent your all black ensemble from looking too harsh? Soften your look by adding anthracite to the mix. This will add some nuance without compromising the overall dark feel.

3. Chic tonal

Did you know that black and dark blue are in each other’s extension? Combining black with dark blue is stylish, chic and adds a classic feel.

4. Touch of tuxedo

Androgynous fashion is all the rage! But this doesn’t automatically mean that you should dress unisex. A borrowed-from-the-boys tuxedo-look is quickly created by adding a crispy white element to your outfit.

5. Contemporary graphic

Black suits all times ánd all styles – add a strong contemporary feel with a graphic print. A graphic touch can be added in different ways; from something as simple as a scarf to a cardigan.

6. It’s all in the details

Black is an ideal base to add cool, edgy detailing. Think zippers, studs, metal rings and distressed elements for a feminine look with rock-chic elegance.

7. Black hearts blue-denim

You can’t go wrong with black and blue denim! The possibilities are endless and success is guaranteed – 100% fail proof.

8. Add stripes

Failing is impossible when combining two classics in one look. Teaming black with black-and-white stripes is a timeless combination that never fails – from casual to dressed-up.

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