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Fashion Forward Trends in Designer Glasses in 2022

Looking for an easy and fashionable way to update your style? There isn’t a better or more simple way to enhance your look than a new pair of designer glasses. Many of the world’s top designers now have different eyewear collections, which are not only practical, but also serve as a fashion accessory. Brands like Chloé, Marni and Tom Ford glasses all offer sophisticated and stylish spectacles to those who are craving a small taste of luxury.

Brands are constantly modernising frames and styles to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends of today. We’re already seeing the comeback of several popular styles that are both trendy and functional, so why not give your look a refresh this season with some designer frames?

Retro and Round

Understated or big and bold, a pair of round glasses complements a variety of looks on both men and women. From business-focused to casual and cool, a circular frame continues to be a prominent trend amongst designer eyewear collections. An oversized 70s style creates the illusion of higher cheekbones, and is perfect for those who are feeling bold. But if it’s a more subtle style that you prefer, a smaller spherical frame suits both soft and angular features. Why not opt for a sophisticated and stylish pair like the ‘FT5294’ from the Tom Ford glasses range?

A Classic Cat-Eye

Cat-eye glasses are a great way to explore your fun, feminine personality. Timeless but innovative, a cat-eye frame suits all ages, especially those with a sharper jawline or a rounded face that needs more definition. High-end brands offer a range of colours and styles in each frame shape, so if a minimal look is more to your taste, choose a black or brown frame. However, a cat-eye is also a great accessory for a statement look. Bold colours and fun prints enhance this style to perfection.

Chic, Smart and Square

It’s not just circular specs that are trending this year, as square and rectangular frames are here to keep you looking sharp. Oversized, thick frames are rising in popularity, as ‘geek chic’ makes its way to the forefront of many designer collections. That’s not to say that more slimline spectacles should be overlooked. Square micro-frames are having their moment once again, in 2022, bringing back the 90s and 00s look. So whether it’s Lindberg, Marni or Tom Ford glasses that you’re keen to try, rest assured you can find whatever shape or size is best for you.

Fashionable and functional chains

Taking the fashion world by storm are glasses with attached chains, perhaps the newest trend in designer eyewear. Metal, pearls or beads; electric blue or monochrome – be audacious and bold or simple and low-key, or switch it up depending on what mood you’re in on the day! Gone are the days when glasses chains were only worn for practicality. Add your own stamp to this trendy accessory, whilst keeping your specs safe and easy to hand.

With many of us still working from home, glasses are one of the few accessories we can use to express our individuality. So this year, why not refresh your eyewear by experimenting with a new, designer pair.

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