Different types of surfing wetsuit to choose from

Planning to go for surfing and engage in water sports and other water activities? Do not know what to wear? Choose from a huge variety of surfing wetsuits from a racerback bikini top swimwear to hooded full wetsuit. Here we present to you the options for your next surfing wetsuit buy.

Just read this amazing write-up and choose a surfing wetsuit which fits you right, and makes you feel comfortable according to the temperature of the water where you will want to surf.

1. The Spring wetsuit This is a model which provides half leg and full or half arms coverage. It is used in spring and summers when the temperature of the water is not so cold but still, a layer is required between the body and the water. Pros: Good for summers as it helps keep the sun off and the body temperature increased. Cons: It may make you look like a lightweight if others around you are in boardie.

2. The Short Arm Steamer Wetsuit It is built to provide warmth and covers the upper arm and the forearm is exposed. Pros: Makes surfing easy in warm water Cons: Forearms remain exposed

3. The Short John / Jane Wetsuit It is the most basic type of surfing wetsuit available in the market with sleeveless arms. Pros: Covered till the thighs so no waxing required if it was not done. Also, the extra neoprene between the stomach and the thigh is an added advantage Cons: Arms are exposed fully

4. The Long John / Jane Wetsuit It provides full body coverage apart from the arms which are left uncovered. It allows for easy paddling and is ideal when water temperature is a little cold but the air temperature is warmer. Pros: Knees are covered so no more scratches. Cons: Not liked by many other surfers who might think of you being cheap

5. The Wetsuit Vest It is a simple defense designed for the upper body providing little coverage but giving protection from the chilly winds. Ideal for a surf in summers and comfortable too. Although wearing something on bottom is optional but it is advisable Pros: Can flaunt your tattoos, muscles and is comfortable Cons: Doesn’t help in keeping warm in cold waters

6. The Wetsuit Jacket It is designed to give extra warmth to the upper body and generally comes with a zipper. These jackets have full arm coverage and you will be more protected against external elements. It is ideal for warm yet windy areas. Pros: Provides extra protection and warmth to the upper body Cons: The zip at the front can be uncomfortable for the surfer while paddling

7. The Full Wetsuit As the name suggests, this surfing wetsuit covers the entire body and is one of the most popular designs. It is generally used in environments with colder water. You can choose the thickness of the full wetsuit according to the temperature of the water. Pros: Help keep the body warm even in the coldest of the water temperatures. Cons: It is thicker and hence makes paddling difficult and is also the most expensive type of surfing wetsuit available.

8. The Hooded Full Wetsuit It provides the ultimate neoprene protection by covering even the head through which most of the body heat is lost. Pros: Helps to keep the head and the ears warm too. Cons: Too much of anything is bad and it is true in this case too as the over coverage makes the paddling also difficult.

Don’t be confused about the type of surfing wetsuits that you should wear. Why fear when you have so many options? Just go ahead, check for the temperature of the water, try the one that suits you and that temperature, maybe a racerback bikini top swimwear or a hooded full wetsuit and get ready to enjoy in your own style!!!

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