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Ways to avoid unhealthy food traps

We are the generation who knows what is right and what is not, but do what we want anyway. All the preaching and teaching does work until it is no longer supportive. We are the kind that’s knowledgeable, smart (well at times), courageous, and determined. We are also awfully aware that our health as an average is falling drastically and we are afraid as a team. Honestly. But just when the taste of that tongue curling red sauce Mexican pasta touches our lips, we get weak and we lose it. As a team.

The world needs to understand that it takes more than determination, it takes us our every ounce of courage to not even picture that hot chocolate fudge brownie with little shrimps of chocolate chips because as long as we remember the last piece of it hasn’t left the side of your tummy i.e. the flab.

If you relate to this on a personal level, don’t worry my friend here’s to a new start. Below are the points we need to follow immediately.

1. Start with loving yourself

Since we are talking about our generation we are the kind that is affected the most by others around us. And let me just pull this out in open that apart from being smart and outstanding as we are we all got a wee bit of self-destructing nature. We are all caring, helpful, and loving as long as we find all these emotions around ourselves. We often seek validation in order to fit in. Demeaning oneself too falls under the category of an unhealthy lifestyle. Give it a break and allow yourself to grow.

2. Make a diet plan and stick to it

More than anything, make yourself a priority and start taking care of your own self. Consider your needs and fulfill them. Plan your meals, grow your own edibles, and eat the right amount. Just know that a diet is a proper food habit, not magic dust, it won’t do wonders in seconds. This healthy habit would nurture with time and patience and a lot of efforts to keep it going but whenever you feel like quitting always remember the reason you started it.

3. Avert your eyes whenever necessary

This is a man to man advice right there. Knowledge is a very tricky business and I think we all will agree that once our brain if fed with some information it starts invoking this thought process which we cannot argue against. It’ll throw all reasons to do something against our nature. Take diet, for example, it’ll convince you to quit once you see that tongue curling- . DON’T. Avert your eyes if you cannot control yourself, it’s easier that way.

4. Be strong

A human body is like a machine, feed it right, use it right, and watch it do wonders. Have faith in yourself, have your reasons to do something somebody else doesn’t approve of. Don’t get influenced by your peers. But since we all work on the loopholes, keep reminding your own self that a cheat lasts only for a day.

5. Daily run

Baby steps at a time, walk around for a while every day. Encourage yourself to get up early for a run. Running burns calories around 290 in 30 minutes.

6. Nutritious Breakfast

Majority of us skip the breakfast because we think we can manage fine without it. A healthy breakfast works as a fuel to our body to remain active and better functioning at work for the rest of the day. So after a brisk run, enjoy a healthy breakfast. Once you start realizing the effect it has on your body you’d repent the days you did not use for yourself.

7. Eat healthy

If it helps, grow it yourself. Eat fresh veggies, juicy fruits, and variety of nuts. Chomp on them whenever you are slightly hungry instead of reaching out for processed food. Maintain a kitchen garden if you will. Prepare yourself a fruit-salad for change.

8. Hit the Gym

The workout is best for those who don’t know where to start. Heavy lifting and push-ups really take it out from you. You start noticing the change your body goes through this phase and you’ll instantly start loving it more.

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